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item does NOT have any damage or imperfections

  • UPGRADE to previously offered Smoke Stop filters, designed for ultimate particle gas and odor removal with no reduction of CADR
  • Dual protection with Activated coconut carbon layer which naturally removes odor causing VOCs and smoke while particle filter captures pollen, dust, pet dander, mold spores, viruses and bacteria
  • Up to 4x faster pollutant removal than other carbon filters
  • Genuine Blueair replacement filter is compatible with Blueair classic 501, Blueair classic 503, Blueair classic 510, Blueair classic 550e, Blueair classic 555eb, Blueair classic 580i Blueair classic 601, Blueair classic 603, Blueair classic 650e, Blueair classic 505, Blueair classic 605
  • Recommended to change filter once every 6 months, or dependent on usage, this filter can be recycled after it’s changed, the 500/600 series air purifiers use 3 separate filters, this replacement pack contains a set of 3 filters